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Dear Sisters: If you are reading this now, you should have an idea of what Hey Sister, Get Clued-Up is all about. We are a peer-to-peer educational website designed to be the ‘Voice of the Village’ for African girls, with an aim of reaching 10,000 girls worldwide. If you would like to be part of this empowerment website for girls in Africa, enrich its powerhouse through your contributions, become a voice for the girls in your village or would love to be involved in any way, we ask you to use the power of your voice. Membership guarantees you access to: post and like articles and photos, share your views through article comments, chat with peers on our private forum, ask questions on the ‘Ask Damaris’ wall, access our Facebook page, read inspirational quotes, visit the featured celebrity corner, and access the Hey Sister events calendar. So I challenge you. If you want to be the voice for your village, take action and speak now! Yours truly, The Hey Sister

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Hey Sister, Get Clued-Up Team
April 2012
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June 2013